Army rations

Army rations are ready to eat meals that are a source of food provided to the military. Each ration provides soldiers with enough food for one sitting. Army rations have been used for hundreds of years. During the Revolutionary War, the Army had grown so much that providing food to soldiers became a difficult task. Congress soon passed a law for the government to provide soldiers with military meals. These military rations usually consisted of a type of meat, starch and a drink.

Army Rations

Army rations have gone through many transitions over the years. By the time of the Civil War, army meals were more varied. Condiments and seasonings were added to the ration packs during World War I. Still, the components of the army rations did not provide much nutrition for the soldiers. At times, soldiers went without food when there were not enough army ration packs for everyone.

Emergency rations were developed early on to supplement army rations. These emergency food rations were used if a soldier found himself in an area with little food or if his army rations were depleted. The moisture was taken out of meats and grains and some foods were sealed in small tins to last for longer periods of time.

World War II soldiers received C rations, which consisted of foods contained in cans that could endure time and weather conditions, however there was not much variety in the food choices. The K ration was another category of WWII rations. These war rations included tins of food and snacks to keep the food from perishing. They were the most nutritiously balanced option for army rations at the time. The D ration was a type of survival ration developed during World War II. It was like a chocolate bar with a high caloric count that could last in very high temperatures. In the 1960s soldiers used Long Range Patrol (LRP) ration that included freeze dried food, like those used by the astronauts.

Army rations today are more palatable and reliable for military personnel. MRESTAR is a leading manufacturer and distributor of MRE meals, or meals ready to eat, for the DoD/DLA, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia. MRESTAR's packaging methods help keep a ready to eat meal fresh and safe. The package's outer layer of polyester is sturdy, while the middle layer of aluminum prevents moisture, light, and oxygen from damaging the food. MRESTAR has a wide selection of military MREs to give soldiers a varied and nutritious menu. We use only quality ingredients and flavorful seasonings to help disaster victims and soldiers enjoy their military meals ready to eat while they are in crisis and serving their country.

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