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Army RationsArmy rations have improved greatly over the past two centuries. Early in history, people had difficulty with safe food preparedness. Foods such as beef, pork or salted fish, beans or peas, rice, milk, flour, and spruce beer were part of the ration packs. However, the only way to preserve meat or fish was to use salt, which was not always readily available. Food could rot quickly or become infested.

Army rations in the past also were not very abundant or palatable. During the Civil War, often there was not enough meat to complete the military rations, and war rations were not nutritionally satisfying. World War II soldiers received C rations that were cans filled with assorted meat and beans, biscuits, candy and a drink powder with little menu choices. The more popular of the WWII rations was the K ration that was non-perishable and included tins of meat or cheese paste, gum, biscuits, and drink powder.

MCI, or Meal, Combat, Individual rations, were more nutritionally balanced during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The Long Range Patrol, or LRP, was developed and made use of newer technologies, like freeze dried food, that were also being used NASA to supply food to astronauts on space flights. Over the last few decades, MRE meals, or meals ready to eat, have developed into the best type of army ration available to soldiers. Metal cans were replaced by protective and tough plastics that preserve the food for longer periods of time without compromising taste. Menu options have increased and food quality has improved greatly.

MRESTAR manufactures and distributes high quality military MREs with a wide range of tastes to give soldiers the opportunity to enjoy flavorful and nutritious meals. Our MRE meals are balanced 1,100 to 1,300 calorie meals that soldiers will love to eat, such as cheese tortellini with marinara sauce, beef stew, and BBQ chicken with black beans and potatoes. Powdered drinks, cookies, and dried fruit are also components of our MRE meals kits to give choice and variety to army rations. All our meals are ready to eat and do not require heating or preparation, though MRE heaters can be used to turn any army ration a hot meal.

Army rations are still an integral part of any soldier’s army gear. Today, MRE meals are preserved and packaged in such a way that makes them non-perishable and durable for months, even years, for soldiers to use in the field. Modern army ration packs can consist of dried fruits, nuts, powdered drinks, snacks, and a ready to eat meal that does not compromise taste or flavor. MRESTAR has more than 30 years of experience providing ready to eat meals for the military. Our selection of military MREs provides a variety of quality, nutritious, and safe army MREs for our men and women in uniform.

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