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military MREMilitary MRE is a complete, ready to eat meal that was developed for soldiers in the military. Meals ready to eat have been essential in providing food and nutrition to large groups of soldiers in a more convenient and economic way while still providing the necessary nutrients that men and women need while working and fighting for long hours on the battlefield.

Military MRE is a reliable means of distributing food to military personnel and relief workers. Any surplus MRE meals can be stored for long periods of time until a need arises. Because of effective food preparedness, military MREs can endure for long periods of time and remain safe and fresh even under harsh climate conditions. The MRE shelf life can last for years, depending on the food item and temperature in which the MRE meals are being stored.

MRESTAR provides a variety of healthy military meals on its MRE menu. A ready to eat military ration from MRESTAR consists of an entrée of meat, poultry or pasta and can be accompanied by rice, potato, or vegetables. Other items that come with a complete MRE meal kit include dried fruit, nuts, cookies, and drink mixes. These drink mixes come in an assortment of flavors, such as orange, lemonade, and fruit punch, to vary the taste of water while staying hydrated. Accessory packs with eating utensils, napkins, coffee, and condiments are also provided. humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

Though our military rations are precooked and ready to eat upon opening, MRE heaters can also be purchased to heat up the MRE food. In this way, a soldier or relief worker has everything he or she needs to eat their MRE meal no matter where they may be stationed or working. Here at MRESTAR, you can find a MRE for sale through our online store. Along with your ability to by wholesale from us we also have local companies who can sell a MREStar wholesale. The ready to eat meals can then be distributed through multiple channels, sometimes to relief organizations that provide emergency food rations to victims of natural and manmade disasters. 

Military MRE is the type of meal that can also act as emergency food rations or survival rations for anyone in need. These emergency ration packs can be used as disaster food and hurricane food if a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane, a flood, has disrupted the ability of people to access food in their homes. MRESTAR is available to produce and provide ready to eat military MREs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency.

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