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military MREMilitary MRE is a ready to eat meal provided to people serving in the military. The C ration and the K ration from World War II developed into the MCI, or the Meal, Combat, Individual rations, that were consumed by soldiers in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The MCI was a more balanced, substantive meal. Thirty years ago, MCIs developed into MREs, or meals ready to eat, and became the primary military rations for the United States armed forces.

Miltary MRE is the main source of food for soldiers in training and stationed in the field. Military meals ready to eat are low maintenance, cost effective, and very convenient foods for soldiers. A soldier can open a meal ready to eat and enjoy the food right away with no other preparation or heating. However, a portable MRE heater, which requires water to be activated, can turn any MRE food into a hot meal.

A military ration is a type of meal that is meant to satisfy the nutritional needs of a soldier in one sitting. While in training or fighting on the battlefield, soldiers may not have access to cooking equipment to prepare meals, abundant food supplies, or refrigeration to maintain food. Soldiers can carry ready to eat military meals in their pockets or store them as part of their military equipment. When they are feeling hungry, the soldiers can open their MRE meal and enjoy the food any time of the day.

At MRESTAR, we have years of experience in manufacturing and distributing military MREs for soldiers. Our MRE menu is made up of several options for men and women in uniform to have nutritious and delicious meals while serving their country. Each ready to eat meal provides enough calories to satisfy the nutritional needs of a soldier. Every military MRE is contained in air-tight packaging material to avoid spoilage or damage to the contents by air or water. A MRE shelf life can last for years when the MREs are stored under proper conditions.

Military MRE can also be used as camping food, hiking food, or backpacking food. Anyone looking to carry lightweight and precooked meals during their excursions would benefit from the purchase of military MREs. Military MREs can be purchased in bulk and distributed to several soldiers at once. Ordering can be done through MRESTAR’s online store or at local stores that carry military MREs.

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