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Military rationsMilitary rations have been in existence for hundreds of years. The concept began in the United States during the Revolutionary War era, when the government provided army rations of food and drink to soldiers fighting on the battlefield. These war rations were an easier way to distribute goods in larger quantities to the growing number of soldiers. Emergency rations of smaller, high-caloric foods were also carried by soldiers in case their military ration was depleted or there was a lack of goods available to sustain their energy.

Military rations became an important part of a soldier’s survival equipment. The ability to have portable army ration packs available while working in various climate conditions was vital to a soldier’s health and survival. However, food spoilage and lack of supplies often posed problems for soldiers receiving a decent, healthy meal. Military rations improved as years went by, and as more wars were fought, with regard to menu variety, quality of taste, and food preparedness.

In the last 30 years, the MRE, or meal ready to eat, has become the standard military ration. MREs are lightweight and convenient and can be carried in a soldier’s military pouch. MRE meals are precooked and ready to eat upon opening, or they can be warmed up with a MRE heater that only requires water to function. A military MRE is a complete meal with an entrée, side dish, snack, and drink powder to give flavor to drinking water. Army ration packs give soldiers a variety of food and drink while providing healthy, nutritious substance they need to survive.

MRE food developed at MRESTAR is prepared in a safe, effective manner. Technological advances in food storage using tightly sealed polyester and aluminum packaging has allowed developers of military rations, like MRESTAR, to package goods in such a way that prevents spoilage and damage to the food and extends the MRE shelf life for as long as possible while maintaining freshness and flavor. Our MRE menu gives soldiers and consumers a wide range of food choices while new homemade and restaurant style meals are being developed to provide a greater variety of tastes.

Military rations can be purchased at various local military stores and right here online. A military store can carry different army rations in kits or individual MRE meals for you to choose from. You can also find MREs for sale through our website’s online store. In any case, buying several MRE meals is a good idea to ensure that you will always be prepared for any type of situation. Whether you purchase MREs as military rations, emergency rations, camping food, or disaster food, you can rest assured that you will have healthy, satisfying meals at your disposal.

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